January 2011 - May 2011
*NDA with The 3M Company prohibits further detailing of product or process.

I've always had a passion for educational technology and I was able to pursue this interest through my capstone project for my Masters in Human-Computer Interaction. Our team's goal was to understand the role that technology plays in the educational context of K-4 students and teachers in order to create a forward looking interactive solution for 3M that facilitates small-group learning. I spent eight months working on all aspects of The Pangea Learning Platform including research, ideation, development, and testing and delivered a hardware and software solution for the classroom of tomorrow.

This process included a semester of user research and concept validation with teachers and K-4 students as well as a semester of prototyping both the hardware and software components of the product. We worked with over 20 schools and explored technology in the museum environment and investigated the exploratory educational practices emphasized in exhibit design. We applied data-driven design methodologies to determine the appropriate product for the current educational climate that would leverage 3M's innovative technologies.

As the User Research Lead, I was responsible for determining appropriate concept validation and user testing methodologies to use in both school and museum environments. We developed and tested paper and high-fidelity prototypes of the hardware and performed participatory design and scenario-based activities with students and teachers. It was particularly important for our team to address the technical requirements for the product and develop a plan to integrate it into the current educational infrastructure. After four rounds of heavy user testing, we delivered two high fidelity hardware prototypes as well as a medium fidelity interface prototype as well as a concept video, UI specs and two project reports.


Educational technology should enable teachers, not replace them.